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The Journeyman nesting, sailing dinghy 

Is a purpose designed yacht tender, for sail, row or motor power. Designed for maximum load carrying, stability, and simplicity. 

Powered either by a simple and efficient 5.5 sq. m boomless sprit rig, a 7'6" set of oars or a small (<4hp) outboard. The Journeyman has the versatility to be a capable tender or work-boat as well as a fun boat to silently explore your local anchorage or inlet. The boomless sprit rig is simplicity itself with the furled sail and spars simply dropped into position. The sheet is clipped in and a single line releases the sail and you are ready to go. 

A simple to build Do It Yourself plywood boat 

The CnC cut plywood comes together effortlessly using the stitch-and-glue construction method. 

Made from 3 sheets of 6mm BS1088 marine ply and 1 sheet of 12mm, this is the largest boat that could come from standard sheet sizes. 

Construction of the various parts of the boat are simplified due to the self locating slots and tabs throughout the design. You could almost build this boat without a tape measure.

The boat is self jigging, using the bulkheads and transom to pull the hull panels into shape, the addition of the gunwales then locks the boat into position and you are ready to start gluing and taping it all together.

Nested for storage,

The Journeyman dinghy takes up only 5'9" (1.75m) x 4'6" (1.37m). 6 bolts hold her together, and the centerboard seat bridges the two halves for easy assembly.


Carries up to 5 adults

Built in Buoyancy and highly stable hull.

With 2 buoyancy chambers in the aft hull and 1 in the forward hull, providing 75L of buoyancy on the GRP model and 60L on the Plywood version, the Journeyman dinghy is virtually unsinkable. With its highly stable hull form the Journeyman is able to easily carry 5 people in rowing and motor mode and can be comfortably sailed with 3 people. Two positions for the thwart seat and two positions for oarlocks enable the Journeyman to be set up for different loading situations .

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Missing Journeyman dinghy

help us find hull number PA-GSCJM006J2018

Very special custom GRP Journeyman dinghy, black hull with cream interior, with the hull number PA-GSCJM006J2018 stamped on the fordeck, went adrift at Escudo de Veraguas in Panama. It is currently drifting the Caribbean sea, if found please contact either us through our contact page or the owner Ray Swartz on whatsapp +507 6607 0815